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Used Shears and Notchers for Sale

Having the right tools of the trade is just as important as having the right skills. You cannot have the skills without the tools nor can you have the tools without the skills. Unfortunately, the skills get better with time while the tools wear out and often do not enhance your skill set. Used power metal shears can be the solution you need to continue to showcase your shop’s skills.

Why Buy Used?

Sheet metal shears are expensive and need to be replaced. Hopefully, your workload is impressive enough that they have to be replaced often. When you consider the investment over time and the amount of money you can save by buying used it just makes more sense to go with used from the beginning.

When You Buy Used from Us

We take a great deal of pride in the equipment and tools that we sell. We take every necessary step to:

  • Save you money
  • Offer high-quality used products
  • Refurbish when necessary

We buy used notchers and other equipment to help you save money and get the tools that you need that enhance your skills. Our inventory is constantly rotating in and out and you can always find what you need. Our goal is to keep equipment and machinery out of the landfill and more importantly to help industry members find the equipment and tools that they need and can afford.

We have been buying and selling equipment since 1977, so we have had the ability to gain the knowledge that we need to recognize good equipment worth saving. Before you buy new contact us to find out what high quality used looks like and how it can help to save you money on the equipment that you need!